Indoor Spatial Navigation with Augmented Reality for the Visually Impaired

A LURA (Lassonde Undergraduate Research Assistant) Undergraduate Student, Sidharth Sudrasan in the Software Engineering Program at York University, has been working on a spatial navigation research project using Augmented Reality for the visually impaired.

Sidharth designed a novel AR-assisted spatial navigation system, which enables an optimized routing algorithm and assisting a spatial navigation in cooperation with 3D indoor models, audio guidance and marker-based localization. Sidharth presented his summer research work in the LURA 2020 Conference with excellent quality. He continue to work on this exciting research project during the 2020-2021 academic terms in our lab. In this period, Sidharth plans to develop a deep learning-based computer vision system for detecting obstacles and their motions and also integrate Wi-Fi-based localization algorithms in collaboration with Afnan Ahmed (Ph.D. student) and Dr. Pio Cloudio (Software Engineer) in the lab. This project has been supported by the ORF Research Excellence and the ISSUM.